Tourist region Southeast Serbia

According to the Tourism Development Strategy, a key issue for marketing and positioning of the Southeast Serbia as a tourist region is:

„...Still undiscovered...“

Policy makers had in mind by emphasizing the differentiation of this region of mountains, spas and cultural heritage of Southeast Serbia, highlighting the nature, health, sport and recreation as essential elements of the image of the region. Outdoor activities, peace and quiet, mineral springs - are just some of the benefits of the region.

  Regions /

 Key position

 The key tourism
products for the

The key tourism
destinations for
the region

   ...Still undiscovered • Rural tourism
• Health tourism
• Mountains and lakes
• Special interest
• Round trips

• Soko banja
• Vlasinsko jezero
• Zaječar
• Niš
• Stara planina

According to the Tourism Development Strategy, a key issue for marketing and positioning of the Southeast of Serbia as a tourist region is:

 Key investment projects in the region

• Projects of tourist infrastructure and leisure facilities;
• Project Vlasinsko Lake;
• Rehabilitation of city hotels;
• Spa Rehabilitation Project;
• Project  Old Mountain / Stara planina;

Tourism Development Strategy defines and tourism products to be developed in this region. Products are defined by the importance or priority:


Medium priority:
• Corporate meetings and other business visits

Low priority:
• incentives, conferences, business fairs and exhibitions


High priority:
• organized tours within Serbia,
• individual tours within Serbia
• Regional (international) organized tours


High priority:
• mild activity: hunting, fishing, biking, river expeditions, 4x4 driving, camping;
• rough Realization Activities: mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, research canyon,
hiking and climbing, cave exploration, countri cross-country skiing, jeep safaris;
• activities related to cultural heritage: the monastery tours, tours of UNESCO, Castles and Fortress, archaeological travel, culinary interests

Medium priority:

• horse riding, hiking
• paragliding;

Low priority:

• bird watching


Low priority
• tours and sightseeing


High priority:
• culture and Art

Medium priority:

• entertainment

Low priority:
• sports

High priority:
• medical spa and minereal springs spa;

Medium priority:
• destinaiton spa, resort hotel spa;

High priority: 
• Winter, Spring, Fall

Medium priority:
• summer


High priority:
• outdoor activities: walking
• activities related to culture: cultural heritage tours, culinary tours

Medium priority:
• fishing, horseback riding
• religious heritage tours

Low priority:
• cycling and bird watching

Ključni turistički proizvodi za regionKljučni turistički proizvodi za region