Timeless beauty

Vanvremenska lepotaZaječar, a town at the crossroads and the confluence of the Black and the White Timok, is located 250 kilometers away from Belgrade (roads E 75 and E 761) and 11 kilometers away from the border with Bulgaria.
Although the seat of Timok region and the largest town in the valley of this river, Zaječar is quite young compared to other places in the environment. It finally became part of the Principality of Serbia in 1833 and due to the diligence of its inhabitants and the generosity of their environment, which is covered with orchards and vineyards, it spread quickly and became the second richest town in Serbia, immediately after the capital city.

Several old buildings in the town certainly deserve to be looked at: Radul Bey's lodgings, a typical house of the local rich family in the early 19th century. On the ground floor of this building one can buy souvenirs, while on the first floor there is a permanent exhibition “Old Zaječar”; National Museum, mainly because of the excavations from Felix Romuliana, the most important of which is the head of a statue of Emperor Galerius. While touring the town one can see very beautiful buildings of District offices and Gymnasium (1911). On the main square, named after Nikola Pašić, there is a monument to the soldiers killed in the wars of 1912 - 1918, the work of sculptor Antun Augustinčić, and certainly worth seeing are the monuments to the famous citizens of Zaječar: Nikola Pašić, Hajduk Veljko and Zoran Radmilović.
Suvodol monastery, in the area of Selačka, on the mountain called Manastirska Glama, is in folk tradition associated with Prince Lazar. According to many opinions, this monastery is reminiscent of Žiča monastery. Monastery of St. Peter and Paul near Grlište was one of the centres of the uprising in Crna Reka.
Gamzigradska Banja (Gamzigrad Spa) is located eleven kilometers west of Zaječar, with its hot springs and sports facilities, and 8 kilometers north of the town there is a source of mineral water Nikoličevo.
Grliško Lake was created for the town water supply, and only later became a popular picnic place. Rgotsko Lake, 11 km from Zaječar, is attractive for swimming throughout the summer season owing to the presence of quartz sand that is easily heated. Sovinac Lake is located a few kilometers from Salaš, in the vicinity of the regional road Zaječar - Negotin, and represents an excellent location for recreational fishing (rich in fish of different species - carp, grass carp, roach, perch, catfish, bandar, pike). Besides fishing, the lake is perfect for sightseeing and recreation, since there is a motel with a restaurant next to it, there is also a beach, camping and parking areas and facilities for sports.