Lakes of Southeast Serbia

Timok kod Minićeva- Beaches
- Possibility of water sports
- Rich in different fish species, such as: catfish, perch, carp, grass carp, pike, chub, perch, tench, and many species of white fish: silver carp, bream, roach…

- Bovan Lake (8 km away from Sokobanja, 9 km long, over 50 m deep)
- Vrmdza  Lake (15 km from Sokobanja, near Rtanj)
- Smilovska Lakes (12 km away from Dimitrovgrad, annual fish production from 20-30 t)
- Zavojsko Lake (12 km away from Pirot, 300m long, 70 m deep)
- Rgotsko Lake (11 km away from Zaječar; thanks to the presence of quartz sand it is easily heated and perfect for swimming throughout the season)
- Grliško Lake (17 km away from Bor).