Canyons and Gorges

Klisura Dag banjiceGorges and canyons are a particular type of natural attractions.

Gorges and canyons are characterized by specific microclimate with small variations in temperature and are considered, in terms of climate change, to be the places where the largest number of species could survive. There are theories according to which many surviving species spread throughout Europe due to a large number of canyons in the Balkans. In this region, gorges were often a rescue for the people running from conquerors, who found salvation in inaccessible areas, and built monasteries and villages there.
In the past several years, canyoning has become increasingly popular. In the world, it has long ago developed into an extreme sport which consists in conquering a canyon and all obstacles that may be encountered: waterfalls, rivers, cascades, caves... It includes swimming, climbing, walking and routing through very narrow gaps. Depending on the severity of the canyon, climbing gear and neoprene suits may be used. With the help of experienced guides, the easier canyons can be won by beginners.